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When it comes to AC repair service in Coimbatore, a quality repair service is essential. Situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the city is home to a large population, resulting in a high demand for air conditioning systems during the oppressive summer months. What’s more, having lived in the city for a number of years, I can tell you first-hand that the weather can pose a challenge to air conditioning systems, leading to frequent break-downs. Given this, finding a reliable AC repair service in Coimbatore is essential. Fortunately, there are a number of quality repair services in the city. The service most people use, however, is Jones Cool Care. We have been providing services for over 20 years and specialize in Air Conditioners,  Washing Machine, and other electronics. What’s more, our staff are all experts in their respective fields, offering customers the highest quality of work available in this area. But these experts don’t just provide repairing services. They also offer general maintenance services, and are happy to provide advice on how best to maintain not just your AC unit, but any appliance for that matter.


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Whether you’re having trouble with your remote control units or need help troubleshooting a more complex problem in your AC unit, Jones Cool Care can be a help. Plus, they are dedicated to resolving whatever issue you may have as quickly and efficiently as possible. Overall, Jones Cool Care is one of the best AC repair services in Coimbatore. With a team of highly skilled experts, tasty advice and competitive prices, their service is second to none. Whether you’re having trouble with your AC or looking for a reliable service to handle all your repair needs, Jones Cool Care has you covered.


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Jones Cool Care Ac Service in Coimbatore has been in operation for almost twenty years. We’ve built an excellent reputation on performance and client happiness over the years.

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