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Onida offers a range of fixed-speed compressor and inverter compressor ACs with features like Flexi 5 technology and Magnified Cooling. In addition, it also has a range of window ACs available on ecommerce retailer websites. Though the Onida ACs do not have the fancy features their competitors offer, they deliver high-quality performance. Hence, these air conditioners are popular among consumers. The premium Onida ACs feature an improved inverter compressor known as a dual-rotary heavy-duty compressor. These compressors can work at variable speeds and capacities. Onida ACs work on different compressors, including conventional motors, heavy-duty inverter motors, and dual-rotary motors.

  • Onida ACs feature additional protection for their copper coils as they come equipped with an innovative Tanzanite Protekt feature.
  • Onida ACs are reasonably priced compared to its competitors like Voltas and Blue Star.
  • Onida offers a decent range of inverter air conditioners that save power in the long run.
  • Onida installation costs are lower compared to other ACs.
  • The AC has a durable frame for the ODU and the IDU.
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